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U.S. CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Survey 2021 Update


U.S. CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Survey 2021 Update

Advanced Resources International has published the U.S. CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Survey for end-of-year 2020.

The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute’s Acting Director, Lon Whitman, is a contributor to an important and anticipated publication of the U.S. CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Survey.

The purpose of this updated survey is to provide a comprehensive status report of the 142 active CO2-EOR projects in the U.S., including enhanced production totals, reservoir characteristics, and other project parameters.

Throughout a challenging year, incremental oil production from CO2-EOR declined about 8% to 273,000 barrels per day -- this total is on par with the overall decline in U.S. crude oil production in 2020.

Despite a significant decrease in the volumes of CO2 available for injection and storage the CO2-EOR industry was able to maintain production by recycling CO2 rather than having to shut in wells. This strategy shows the resiliency of CO2-EOR during challenging economic conditions, and further supports the viability of this method as a means of storing CO2 and producing lower carbon intensity oil in the U.S.

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Author: Advanced Resources Intl (ARI)
Publication Year: 2021
Field: Lost Soldier, Wertz, Grieve, Beaver Creek, Patrick Draw, Monell, Salt Creek
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State: Wyoming, Michigan