Who We Are
Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute

The Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) was created and is financially supported by the Wyoming State Legislature to work with Wyoming oil producers to increase oil production, and as result, increase tax revenues of the state.

In 2004, the Enhanced Oil Recovery Commission (EORC) – State Agency 070, was created and continues to be funded by the Wyoming Legislature as per State Statute 30-8-101. The Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) was established by the EORC as their operating entity and is Wyoming's only institution devoted to improving and enhancing recovery of hydrocarbons to minimize stranded, unproduced oil and gas in Wyoming fields. The EORC consists of eight (8) members that oversee the financial operations of EORI and provide guidance, oversight, and coordination with the University of Wyoming (UW) School of Energy Resources (SER) to ensure the objectives and mission of EORI are followed. A Technical Advisory Board (TAB), comprised of leading experts from energy industry in the United States, provides technical expertise contributing to EORI’s mission.

The Mission and focus of EORI is to facilitate meaningful, measurable, and economically viable solutions to increase recoverable reserves and production of oil and natural gas in Wyoming that may otherwise not be realized.

The State of Wyoming, and its citizens, benefit from the work at EORI through additional tax revenues to the State. Since 2005, collaborative projects between oil and gas operators, and EORI have returned revenues to the State of Wyoming over ten times greater than the funds budgeted from the State to operate the Institute. All at no cost to the Wyoming operators who work with EORI.

Impact to Wyoming

  • > $270MM in additional severance tax revenues
  • Over 40MM barrels of additional oil production
  • ~ $4MM EORI Wyoming state biennium budget

EORI is the only institute devoted to improving and enhancing oil and gas recovery in Wyoming fields.

The goals set for EORI are accomplished through:

  • Evaluation of new technologies for improving and enhancing oil recovery
  • Transfer of relevant new technologies throughout the oil and gas industry in the state
  • Facilitating access to data and interpretations through online programs
  • Industry- leading advanced technical geologic and petroleum engineering support
  • By promoting research and technology transfer through publications and oral presentations regarding efforts for improving and enhancing production in both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Focus Areas

  • Regional Geologic Studies
  • Reservoir Characterization
  • Reservoir Modeling and Simulation
  • Technology Research for Enhanced and Improved Oil Recovery
  • Data Hub and Data Resources


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