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Assessing Emission and Other Impacts Associated with the Proposed Federal Leasing Ban in Western States.

The primary objective of the study is to assess the possible implications to GHG emissions associated with this proposed ban and to do so, estimate the drilling and production losses from policies to restrict oil and gas development on federal lands. From that estimate, the emissions impacts are assessed by examining the difference in emissions associated with possible makeup production, compared to the production loss resulting from the ban, or from higher natural gas drilling levels that may be required to make up for lost supplies.

Transport Infrastructure for Carbon Capture and Storage

The Great Plains Institute (GPI) and the University of Wyoming’s Jeffrey Brown explore the planning of CO2 transportation networks on a regional scale and ascertains the economic and environmental benefits that can be achieved through economies of scale to meet the US midcentury decarbonization goals.

This paper represents the results of modeling efforts to identifying regional scale CO2 transport infrastructure that would serve existing facilities and allow participation by new capture projects and facilities in the near future.