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Synthetic Models and Simulations of Pilot 3 in Ash Creek Field


Synthetic Models and Simulations of Pilot 3 in Ash Creek Field

Background and objective

How do the high K strikes in core data possibly impact oil production Ash Creek field in Pilot 3?


  • Introduction & model settings
  • Comparison of the simulation results
  • Primary analysis of Ash Creek data
  • Conclusions


  1. The synthetic models of Pilot 3 area are generated and the simulations are completed.
  2. The high values of core permeability do impact the production, injection efficiency, and sweep efficiency.
  3. In general, an uniform permeability distribution over the entire field is better for high production, high injection and high sweep efficiency over the entire field.
  4. However, in a small local area, cells having high permeability seems better for production. seems better for production.
  5. High heterogeneity of the field made a high remaining oil in place and a high homogeneity field will produce a high amount of oil.
File Name: eori-library/data/Ash_creek_synthetic_model_present_sunshine-compressed.pdf
File Size: 1.72 MB
File Type: application/pdf
Reservoir: Upper Shannon
Field: Ash Creek, Ash Creek South, Ash Creek North
State: Wyoming