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Ash Minnelusa Unit Sweep Improvement, Case Study


Ash Minnelusa Unit Sweep Improvement, Case Study

Ash Minnelusa Unit Conclusions

• Monitor, monitor, monitor. Make changes based upon reservoir response.
• Improved understanding of the problem improves process application and results
• Volumetric sweep (gels) should be applied before mobility control
• Implement gel processes early for maximum benefits
• Incremental oil expected to exceed 400,000 BBLS (18.4%%5 OOIP) for $0.88/BBL
• Field experience is critical with gel processes. Experience at Ash can be applied to other reservoirs

File Name: eori-library/engineering/Ash-Minnelusa-Unit-Sweep-Improvement-Case-Study.pdf
File Size: 367.02 KB
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Reservoir: Minnelusa B Sand Formation
Field: Ash Minnelusa Sand Unit
State: WY