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Wyoming Pipeline Infrastructure Viewer

The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) is excited to introduce our updated Wyoming Pipeline Infrastructure Viewer (WPIV) map application. 

The goal of the new and updated online map is to provide an easy-to-use platform for users to discover and analyze Wyoming’s pipeline and associated infrastructure data to encourage pipeline development.

Key Features of the new WPIV mapping application include:

Intuitive User Interface: The application offers a sleek and easy-to-navigate interface, ensuring data discovery for users of all levels of expertise.

Customizable Layers and Symbology:  Tailor maps to specific needs with customizable layers, allowing users to display a variety of data sets, including gas processing and refining plants, and oil and gas fields.

Data Upload:  Upload layers from your computer to the map.

Desktop/Tablet/Mobile Friendly: Access maps on the go with our mobile-friendly design, ensuring users can explore and interact with maps from their desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Save Projects and Queries:  Save the state of the viewer and queries in a project allowing the user to see saved work and projects.

To access the WPIV mapping application, sign up for our no-cost subscription service:

Request Access to Pipeline Database | Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (

The EORI is dedicated to delivering innovative and user-friendly technology solutions for our users.  Through partnerships and technology transfer, the EORI helps drive innovation and improves efficiency and effectiveness by transferring knowledge and expertise to Wyoming industry partners.  The WPIV map and data will be routinely updated and maintained. 

In addition to the WPIV map, the EORI has other interactive maps that cover CO2 infrastructure, the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative, and the Wyoming Reservoir Information Tool (WyRIT) with a new release soon to come.