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New Interpretations of Alpha Minnelusa Field

EORI’s Enhanced Oil Recovery Insights series focuses on minimizing stranded oil in Wyoming reservoirs. 

On September 12th, Scott Ellingson, a contract Petroleum Geologist with the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute, and John Frederick, a consulting Geophysicist, presented Alpha Field - Exploitation and reservoir characterization of the Minnelusa C Sand using sequence stratigraphy and modern 3-D seismic, Powder River Basin, Wyoming. Mr. Ellingson and Mr. Frederick summarized their work, concluding that calculations for the original oil in place at Alpha Field has increased to 19.1 MMBO and that the new data indicate two proved undeveloped locations. (PUDs). Furthermore, their work enabled them to predict rates of deliverability for these two new potential drill sites.

View and download the presentation here.