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Muddy Formation in Wyoming

Studies being conducted by the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) indicate that there is significant stranded oil in existing oil fields producing from the Muddy Formation. These studies are developing new strategies for correlating flow units within the Muddy Formation that can lead to better strategies in hydrocarbon recovery from these reservoirs.

The Muddy Formation is one of the more tempting targets for Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery projects in Wyoming,” says Steve Whitaker, Senior Geologist at the EORI. “The Muddy is one of the more complex formations in the state and as such, it presents golden opportunities for improved mapping techniques that can lead directly to improved oil and gas recovery.

Examples of the ongoing work being conducted at the EORI on this topic can be found here:

Assessing the Potential for Improved Oil Recovery in Oilfields with Sparse Data: The Muddy Formation at Rozet and Windmill Fields, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Characterization and Simulation of Reservoirs in the Muddy Formation: Hirsch Field Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

The mission of EORI is set by the Enhanced Oil Recovery Commission (EORC) and accomplished through:

  • Evaluation of new technologies for improving and enhancing oil recovery
  • Transfer of relevant new technologies throughout the oil and gas industry
  • Facilitating access to data and interpretations through online programs
  • Industry-leading advanced technical geologic and petroleum engineering support
  • Promoting research and technology transfer through publications and public presentations to highlight methods for improving and enhancing production in both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs.