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Dr. Robertson’s presentation

The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute’s Eric Robertson presented CO2 EOR:  Increasing Oil Production While Providing a Lower Carbon Future at the Rockies Petroleum Conference in Cheyenne, WY.

Dr. Robertson’s presentation was focused on CO2 EOR to increase oil production in Wyoming.  He shared information on the current state of CO2 EOR in the state and its importance to Wyoming’s total oil production.  Eric also discussed Wyoming’s current and potential CO2 sources, CO2 pipelines (capacities and current rates), and CO2 EOR projects. 

One important highlight from the presentation was clarity and understanding that Wyoming is not constrained by CO2 sources, pipeline capacity, or potential CO2 EOR fields.  Eric concluded his presentation explaining how oil from Wyoming’s CO2 EOR floods can be considered not only reduced-carbon oil, but also carbon-negative oil.

Download Eric Robertson’s paper here.