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Carbon Storage and Sequestration

Governor Mark Gordon signed into law SF0047 SEA0053, an act relating to geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide. 

Carbon storage and sequestration-liability allows the State to assume ownership of and liability for CO2 injected into geologic formations.  Senate File 47 addresses investors’ concerns and releases the operator’s liability after a 10-year monitoring period following injection operations for CO2 reservoirs and related infrastructure.  The operator must ensure the reservoir is stable and injection wells are sealed and maintained to prevent leaks.  Once the environmental and remediation standards have been met, Wyoming’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) will issue a certificate of completion making the CO2 reservoir the state’s property and liability.

This law clarifies ownership of carbon dioxide injected into geologic sequestration sites; specifies the transfer of title and liability of injected carbon dioxide; provides definitions of terminology used in sequestration; renumbers current statutes; makes conforming amendments; specifies applicability; requires rulemaking; and provides for effective dates.

Read the entire law here.