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ExxonMobil Restarts Wyoming LaBarge CCS

ExxonMobil has initiated plans to expand carbon capture and storage capabilities (CCS) at its LaBarge natural gas field at the cost of $400 million to capture 1 million tons/year.

Natural gas from LaBarge contains a large CO2 component – about 65% – with methane (21%), nitrogen (7%), H2S (5%) and helium (0.6%) making up the remainder of the gas stream processed at ExxonMobil’s Shute Creek treating facility. Various CCS expansions at the facility since the field began producing in 1986 have increased CO2 capture to as much as 7mn mt/yr, most of which is used in enhanced oil recovery operations.

“The expansion of our carbon capture and storage operations at LaBarge underscores our commitment to advancing CCS projects around the world,” said Joe Blommaert, president of ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions. “This technology is critical to help meet society’s lower-emissions goals, and with the right policies in place, is immediately deployable. ExxonMobil has long supported policies that provide a predictable price on carbon emissions, which enable new or expanded carbon capture and storage investments.”