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The EORI Map Gallery features maps classified by theme and offers an expansive collection of interactive web maps and story maps that allow the user to explore and discover key Wyoming oil and gas industry sector resources and data including active and proposed projects, CCUS Optimization, energy infrastructure and more. Access to select maps require users to create a free subscriber account.

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Wyoming is CCUS Ready!

Wyoming has immense opportunities for Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage technologies to lower carbon emissions and create jobs.

Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative

Interactive map showing pipelines, oilfields and CO2 sources within the state of Wyoming.

Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative PDF Map

PDF map showing pipelines, oilfields and CO2 sources within the state of Wyoming.

Federal Lease Moratorium on Legacy Oil Fields

Interactive map showing the impact of the Federal Drilling & Leasing Moratorium on Wyoming's Legacy Oil Fields

Wyoming CO2 infrastructure

Wyoming CO2 infrastructure showing CO2 sources, pipelines and associated fields.

Wyoming Pipeline Infrastructure

Interactive map showing pipeline infrastructure in Wyoming. Subscribe for access.
Opportunities for CO2-EOR in Wyoming

Opportunities for CO2-EOR in Wyoming

Interactive map showing Opportunities for CO2-EOR in Wyoming. Subscribe for access.

Wyoming Oil & Gas Fields

Map resources for industry professionals, local governments, agencies, and the general public.

Wyoming Reservoir Information Tool (WyRIT)

The Wyoming Reservoir Information Tool is a geospatial information & engineering tool focused on Wyoming Oil & Gas Reservoirs.

EORI – Wyoming’s Experts in Oil and Gas Exploration and Extraction

Take a look at how EORI serves Wyoming’s energy industry and adds value to the state.