Ash Creek Simulations
Project Media:
Study Year: 2016

Background and objective

How do the high K strikes in core data possibly impact oil production Ash Creek field in Pilot 3?


  • Introduction & model settings
  • Comparison of the simulation results
  • Primary analysis of Ash Creek data
  • Conclusions

Acknowledgements & Credits: The software, Petrel & Eclipse used to accomplish this work are donated by Schlumberger, Inc. • Nick Jones, Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute • Jessica Barhaug, Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute • Marron Bingle-Davis, Sunshine Valley Petroleum Corporation
ROZ in the Tensleep Formation
Project Media:
Study Year: 2011-2012

EORI Tensleep ROZ Study Summary 2011‐2012

Nick Jones of EORI explores the application of Permian Basin ideas to the Bighorn Basin through the use of cores, cuttings, well logs, PI cards, and more.

Acknowledgements & Credits: • Enhanced Oil Recovery Commission • Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission • Wyoming Geological Association • Wyoming Pipeline Authority • University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources • Peigui Yin • Matt Johnson • Steve Fryberger