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Study Year: 2018


  • Discuss the potential for future secondary recovery (water flooding) projects in Wyoming.
  • Estimate potential reserves for new secondary oil recovery projects in Wyoming
  • Estimate the potential additional tax revenue to the state from these future secondary recovery projects.
  • Estimate the impact on employment.
  • Open a meaningful discussion on ways to encourage the initiation of additional waterflooding and other EOR projects in the state.


  • State should consider policies to incentivize development of IOR/EOR projects as part of the policy to optimize exploitation of the state's natural resources and to provide revenue to the state.
  • The potential for future secondary and tertiary projects needs to be seriously measured before decisions are made to force wells to be plugged and abandoned.
  • At issue: Efficient exploitation of state's oil resources, tax revenue to the state of at least $2.3 billion, jobs, standard of living for Wyoming residents.