Study Year: 2022
Ultrashort Radius Drilling Technology

Executive Summary

The USR laterals drilled by Viper Drill improved the performance of both wells in which the method was applied. A significant increase in production in the Signal Hill #14 well and a significant reduction of injection pressure while maintaining steady injection rates in the Signal Hill #16 well strongly indicate (1) that there was near-wellbore damage that was adversely affecting the ability to recovery oil or inject water in the two wells tested and (2) Viper Drill was successful in alleviating the problem.

The EORI was not privy to the total cost of the procedure, but verbal communication with the operator confirmed that the method was economical. In fact, the operator hopes to use Viper Drill for additional wells in the field.

From these two tests, it is evident that the methodology used by Viper Drill would be a sound investment for those operators in Wyoming who believe that well performance is being adversely affected by near-wellbore formation damage. Caution should be exercised to ensure that (1) there is enough reservoir pressure to economically produce oil and (2) injection rates warrant the investment.

Acknowledgements & Credits: Stephen T. Whitaker