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Research Based Support

One of the primary focuses of EORI is to help the State of Wyoming and its energy producers to recover a large resource of stranded oil in depleted oil reservoirs. We work with stakeholders to recover these energy resources as rapidly, responsibly, and economically as possible. We are the only institution devoted to enhanced oil recovery in Wyoming oil fields. To that end EORI funds & participates in research projects to provide data about topics ranging from geological study to improving efficiency in oil and gas production and better leveraging extraction technologies.

Collaborative Research

EORI employs some outstanding researchers and engineers and has access to state of the art technologies. Wyoming operators are able to tap into these capabilities through cooperative research projects. Typically, an operator will have a field that exhibits some unique characteristics or potential and will team with EORI to investigate these aspects. Another example of collaborative research occurs when an outside technology developer wishes to test their technology in our laboratories or have access to Wyoming operators so that they can potentially develop a field test.

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