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Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair 2022 Webinar Series #3

The focus of the third WOGF webinar is the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative.

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The Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair is pleased to present Mr. Matt Fry as a speaker for the Wyoming Oil & Gas Fair Virtual Series event.

This webinar will focus on the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI). WPCI established corridors on public lands dedicated to future use of pipelines associated with carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS), enhanced oil recovery (EOR) and delivery of associated petroleum products.

About the Presenter, Matt Fry

Matt Fry is the State and Regional Policy Manager, supporting the Carbon Management program, at the Great Plains Institute. Matt has over 20 years of experience in natural resource management, regulation and policy in both the public and private sectors. Matt served as a Senior Policy Advisor to Wyoming Governor, Matt Mead, where he focused on natural resource, energy and CCUS policy. Additionally, he developed and managed the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI), which was a project that culminated with a federal authorization for a statewide pipeline corridor system in Wyoming intended to facilitate development of CO2 pipeline infrastructure and incentivize CCUS project deployment.

Matt earned a Bachelor of Science in biology and chemistry from Davis & Elkins College, and a Master’s in Natural Resource Law from the University of Denver – Sturm College of Law.

Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair 2021 Webinar Series #2 Recording Available

The focus of the second WOGF webinar is Ambient Seismic Imaging – Optimizing Reservoir Recovery.

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The Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair is pleased to present Jeffrey Eppink as a speaker for the Wyoming Oil & Gas Fair Virtual Series event. This webinar will focus on Ambient Seismic Imaging that creates 3D maps of fluid flows within reservoirs. This technology can help maximize the efficiencies of secondary and tertiary recovery programs, optimize completions in unconventional reservoirs as well as monitor the effectiveness of carbon storage efforts.

Ambient Seismic Imaging (ASI) can continuously map, in four dimensions, areas with high fluid flow within a reservoir. Using ASI, operators can see, with high-resolution mapping, how injection fluid is moving through a reservoir in almost real time. This ability provides an outstanding opportunity for operators to continuously monitor fluid movements during improved or enhanced recovery efforts and to make adjustments accordingly to maximize a program’s effectiveness. Additionally, ASI can help optimize drilling locations by accurately mapping fracture patterns and can help to monitor and evaluate carbon storage projects.

About the Presenter, Jeffrey Eppink

Jeffrey Eppink has over 40 years of experience in international and domestic energy including oil, gas, carbon capture, utilization and storage, geothermal, biomass, wind, solar and coal.  Complementing his technical and analytical skills, Jeffrey has a strong reputation for insightful, unbiased analysis and assessment, often in support of energy policy for public and private clients.  He has been highly involved in technology development for the energy industry.

He has managed or worked on projects in over 35 countries. He has given numerous presentations to senior industry executives and government officials and has provided testimony and presentation to the US Congress and the White House on energy issues. He is registered as a geologist and a geophysicist in California and as a geologist is Wyoming.  He is a member of the Explorers Club.

Jeffrey worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Chevron Overseas Petroleum and has been an American Association for the Advancement of Science Diplomacy Fellow below establishing Enegis, LLC. He has a BS in geology from California Polytechnic, an MS in applied geophysics from the University of Southern California, and an MBA from Virginia Tech.

He has been presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who’s Who.  

Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair 2021 Webinar Series #1 Recording Available

In case you missed it: You can now listen to the Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair’s First Webinar Featuring Governor Mark Gordon and the Wyoming’s Executive Director, Dr. Glen Murrell.

The focus of this first webinar is Wyoming’s Oil and Gas Industry – Its Value to the State and Future Directions.

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