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Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute of Wyoming documents, studies & presentations relating to the topic of economics.


A Random Walk Down Commodity Street
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Wyoming Pipeline Authority Executive Director Bryan Hassler's presentation for the 2019 Wyoming Oil & Gas Fair in Casper, Wyoming. Presentation covers topics including the transition to the Wyoming Energy Authority (WEA), Wyoming energy "buckets", infrastructure limitations, and economic trends along with other Wyoming energy related topics.

Anne Swedberg, Manager, North American Power and Gas Content presents at the Wyoming Pipeline Authority Meeting in 2015. Topics covered include US production growth, exports, demand, pipelines, coal switching and other related energy topics.

Presentation at the 2014 Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair by Tom Doll, UND Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC).  Topics include Bakken Production History, Select EERC Programs, Current Development, and more.

Presentation by BTU Anaytics at the 2014 Wyoming Oil & Gas Fair. Topics include market analysis and conculsions, domestic demand, rail infrastructure in Wyoming, and more.

Presentation at the 2014 Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair by Brian Freed, Crestwood Midstream Partners.  Topics include Introduction to Crestwood Midstream, Overview of our Gas Gathering And Processing In WY, Overview Of the WY Crude Oil Midstream Market and more.

Crude Oil Update
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Presentation April 2010, Topics Include Crude Oil Prices for Select Hubs, Basis Cycles for Crude Oil, What is on the horizon and more.

Presentation October 2010 by Bob Cornelius.  Topics include Transferring Gulf Coast CO 2 Success to the Rockies and more.

Brian Jeffries presents for the Wyoming Pipeline Authority at the Wyoming Oil & Gas Fair (WOGF) in September 2014 in Jackson, Wyoming. Topics covered in the presentation include natural gas pricing, capacity, comparisons between natural gas and crude oil, building models for Wyoming energy, energy transportation options and more.

Ecological Deal Breakers
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Presentation at the 2014 Wyoming Oil and Gas Fair by Aaron Maier, Trihydro.  Topics include Current status and future challenges, Wildlife Resources, Future industry directions and potential challenges and more.