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Gordon Calls Biden’s Federal Lease Moratorium Unnecessary

Western States such as Wyoming are disproportionately affected by the moratorium because of the large amounts of federal lands and leases within their borders.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon recently sent a letter to Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, and cited the lack of consultation with western governors before the lease sale moratorium was put in effect.  Governor Gordon emphasized that “the eight Western states with federal oil and gas leasing programs will have investment losses of $2.3 billion, production value losses of $882 million and tax revenue losses of $345 million in the first year of the moratorium.”

Bills Supporting Wyoming’s Energy Sector

Governor Gordon has signed three bills into law designed to promote and protect Wyoming’s energy products.

House Bill 166 will require public utilities to take additional steps before retiring coal or natural gas plants in the state. Utilities would be required to demonstrate to the Wyoming Public Service Commission that the retirements would not lead to added costs to ratepayers or less reliable electrical service.

Wyoming’s Potential to Support Carbon Capture and Sequestration

The White House’s American Jobs Plan points to Wyoming’s potential to support clean energy jobs

The Biden Administration has published summary sheets for each state in a push for support of his $2.3T American Jobs Plan.  Wyoming’s summary sheet highlights the state’s “outsized potential for innovative energy technologies including carbon capture and sequestration and geothermal energy generation, that create good paying union jobs.”

WOGCC Comment Period

WOGCC will give industry an opportunity to provide insight and understanding regarding any issues encountered as a result of Executive Order 14008 and Secretarial Order 3395.

The WOGCC will take 45 minutes at the start of the April 13, 2021 hearings to listen to industry comments. No Commission action will be taken regarding these comments at the April 2021 hearing.

Study of Methane Emissions in Abandoned Powder River Basin Wells

Researchers from Wyoming’s Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute and University of Wyoming have completed a study of methane emissions from 10 abandoned coalbed methane wells in the Powder River Basin.

Recent studies have shown that methane leak rates from abandoned oil and gas wells may constitute a significant portion of a state's emissions inventory.

Carbon Storage March 2021 Newsletter

The Department of Energy (DOE), the Office of Fossil Energy (FE) and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) release March’s 2021 Carbon Storage Newsletter (CSN) and summarizes public and private sector carbon storage news from around the world.

The Carbon Storage Newsletter provides information on recent activities and publications related to carbon storage. It covers domestic, international, public sector and private sector news in areas such as: DOE/NETL Highlights, announcements, project and business developments, legislation and policy, emissions trading, science and publications.

Aryana Named UW’s Occidental Chair

Saman Aryana is the first Occidental Chair in Energy and Environmental Technologies in the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources (SER)

A UW chemical engineering associate professor, Aryana’s research has primarily focused on the fundamental physics of flow instabilities and the dynamics of subsurface displacement processes.

Class VI Permits in Wyoming

In case you missed it, the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute’s webinar "Navigating Class VI Permits: What to Expect in Wyoming" is available for viewing.

The webinar with speakers and slide presentation can be found here.