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Gordon Calls for Actions Supporting Homegrown Energy

Governor Mark Gordon today called on President Biden to take additional steps to support American energy independence in the wake of the President’s Executive Order banning the import of Russian oil, liquefied natural gas, and coal to the United States.

Read Governor Gordon’s statement here.

EORI seeks new director

The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute invites diverse applicants to consider applying for the position of Director.

Director, EORI-Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute job description can be found here:

Governor Gordon Calls for All-of-the-Above Energy Strategy

Governor Gordon addresses the 66th Legislature and calls for innovation in energy

“Wyoming has it all: the best wind, solar, gas, coal, nuclear and the ability to store 50 years’ worth of our nation's total carbon emissions,” the Governor said. “Innovation, not regulation, is our way forward to give our nation the energy it requires and simultaneously solve the world's climate concerns.”

Carbon Storage Newsletter

The Department of Energy (DOE), the Office of Fossil Energy (FE) and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) release January 2022 Carbon Storage Newsletter (CSN) and summarizes public and private sector carbon storage news from around the world.

The Carbon Storage Newsletter provides information on recent activities and publications related to carbon storage. It covers domestic, international, public sector and private sector news in areas such as: DOE/NETL Highlights, announcements, project and business developments, legislation and policy, emissions trading, science and publications.

Global oil prices and demand have increased

Global oil prices and demand have increased in the previous months.

University of Wyoming’s energy expert, Rob Godby, states “We have seen a rebound in oil production in the state that’s not to where it was pre-pandemic but definitely on that course again. With prices as they’ve been over the last six months, much higher than most people expected, those revenues have really made up for losses elsewhere.”

Donald Burkhart, Jr. is new Commission member

Republican Representative Donald Burkhart represents District 15, Carbon County since January 2011.  Representative Burkhart earned a B.S. in Physics from John Carroll University and worked as a safety engineer for BP American Production Compact.  He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Wyoming-Montana Safety Council.

Committee assignments include: Chairman of the House Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Committee and member of the House Minerals, Business and Economic Development Committee.

Interactive Mapping Application for the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative

The Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI) mapping application offers users to access information on Wyoming’s CO2 industrial facilities, WPCI corridor routes, active pipelines and CO2 usage and storage sites

WPCI is an innovative project for Wyoming that will help expand Wyoming’s robust infrastructure and facilitate growth in both oil and gas production and carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS).

Wyoming ARPA Town Hall

Governor Gordon’s recommendations for the use of the first round of the American Rescue Plan funding to include carbon capture, utilization and storage

According to the Governor’s website, "This proposal would appropriate $100,000,000 to the Legislative Stabilization Reserve Account from the General Fund to match private, state or federal funding for research, demonstration, pilot or commercial deployment projects related to Wyoming energy needs, including, but not limited to, carbon capture utilization and storage including soil carbon, carbon capture on coal/gas fired utility plants, carbon dioxide transportation, industrial carbon capture, coal refinery, and hydrogen production, transportation, storage and/or hub development, wind or solar."