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  • Domestic renewable diesel capacity could more than double through 2025
    02 February 2023
    U.S. production capacity for renewable diesel could more than double from current levels by the end of 2025, based on several announcements for projects that are either under construction or could start development soon.
  • U.S. proved reserves of crude oil increased significantly in 2021
    01 February 2023
    In 2021, U.S. proved reserves of crude oil and lease condensate increased 16% from 2020, totaling 44.4 billion barrels, according to our recently released Proved Reserves of Crude Oil and Natural Gas in the United States, Year-End 2021 report. Proved reserves decreased 19% in 2020 because of pandemic-related constraints on crude oil demand and production. In 2021, however, demand for petroleum and natural gas returned, prices rose, and proved reserves increased.
  • U.S. natural gas consumption reached record daily high in late December 2022
    31 January 2023
    On December 23, 2022, natural gas consumption in the U.S. Lower 48 states reached a daily record high of 141.0 billion cubic feet (Bcf), according to estimates from S&P Global Commodity Insights. The previous record was 137.4 Bcf, set on January 1, 2018. Below-normal temperatures in mid- to late December increased demand for natural gas used for residential and commercial space heating and electric power generation. At the same time, natural gas production quickly fell because of mechanical issues caused by the cold temperatures.
  • Proved reserves of natural gas increased 32% in the United States during 2021
    30 January 2023
    Proved reserves of natural gas in the United States grew to a new record of 625.4 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) in 2021, a 32% increase from 2020, according to our recently released Proved Reserves of Crude Oil and Natural Gas in the United States, Year-End 2021 report. U.S. proved reserves had previously decreased 4% in 2020 as a response to prices that fell with decreased consumption during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. At year-end 2021, however, five of the eight states with the most proved reserves of natural gas each reported new record volumes, driving the growth nationally.
  • In the past 20 years, natural gas has displaced most coal-fired generation in Pennsylvania
    26 January 2023
    Natural gas-fired power plants generated 2% of the electricity produced in Pennsylvania in 2001. Over the next 20 years, natural gas-fired generation in the state increased rapidly, reaching 52% in 2021. Natural gas displaced most coal-fired generation, which fell from 57% of the electricity generated in Pennsylvania in 2001 to 12% in 2021.