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Pipelines are a Link in CCS Systems

Pipelines are a fundamental aspect of carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems by transporting CO2 from industrial flues to reservoirs to help meet mid-century net-zero emission goals.

A July report from the Council on Environmental Quality said that a CCS industry large enough to help meet the country’s goal of “net-zero” emissions by 2050 could require 68,000 miles of new CO2 pipelines.  The oil and gas pipeline industry could find immense business opportunity in building out the nation’s CO2 pipeline network which currently is the largest in the world at about 5,150 miles of infrastructure.

“Last December’s omnibus spending bill will feed at least US$6 billion into the sector over the coming years, and the infrastructure package currently moving through Congress could provide government-backed low-interest loans for carbon capture infrastructure and speed up permitting for new projects”, as stated in the article.

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