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Accelerating Development and Deployment of CCUS

Growing scientific consensus shows that carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) will likely play an important role in decarbonization efforts globally

The White House has released the Council on Environmental Quality Report to Congress on Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration in an effort to reach the ambitious goal of net-zero emissions economy-wide by mid-century.  CCUS and carbon dioxide removal (CDR) will likely play an important role in decarbonization efforts globally; action in the United States can drive down technology costs, accelerating CCUS deployment around the world, as stated in the report.

Key findings include:

  • CCUS will only deliver desired societal and environmental benefits (climate-related and otherwise) if its deployment is well-designed and well-governed.
  • Responsible CCUS projects should address cumulative pollution and should incorporate environmental justice and equity considerations.
  • CCUS has a critical role to play in decarbonizing the global economy, particularly true in the industrial sector.
  • Responsible CCUS deployment enables future CDR deployment; irresponsible deployment can constrain it.
  • There is a wide array of carbon utilization options.
  • CO2 pipelines are critical to the future nationwide deployment of CCUS.
  • Key guidance documents and best practices have been developed in moving CCUS efforts forward responsibly and efficiently.
  • The Federal Government has an existing regulatory framework that is rigorous and capable of managing permitting and review actions while protecting the environment, public health, and safety as CCUS projects move forward.
  • Clarification and improvements could be made to the existing framework to ensure that CCUS is responsibly scaled in a timely manner that is aligned with climate goals.
  • Incentives are already driving CCUS investments that are being regulated according to the existing framework.

Read the entire report here.