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Metric used to Calculate the Social Cost of Carbon

Wyoming joined a 10-state lawsuit against the Biden administration to prevent the implementation of an act of “job-killing executive overreach”

The Biden Administration recently signed an executive order requiring his agencies to factor in social cost estimates when analyzing regulatory actions.  Federal appointees will be required to establish a damages value based upon global environmental damages from climate changes. These values are referred to as the “social cost of carbon,” the “social cost of methane” and the “social cost of nitrous oxide.”

The lawsuit and Governor Mark Gordon’s press release states that “carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are by-products of everyday activities in America today, including the production of electricity, natural gas, farming operations, a wide variety of industrial activities, the production of cement and other construction materials and waste disposal. They are among the most common and prevalent byproducts of human economic activity and that the methods used to calculate these values are deeply flawed, dramatically inflate the alleged costs associated with these gases and ignore the corresponding benefits of the underlying economic activity.”

Governor Mark Gordon criticized President Biden’s order to assess to “social costs” of carbon, methane and nitrous oxide and called the process “a selective and highly biased feel-good rationale.”

A copy of the lawsuit may be found here.