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Wyoming Residents Support Diverse Energy Strategy

A study conducted by the University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources and Ruckelhaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources reveals that Wyomingites overwhelmingly welcome a wide diversity of energy development to ensure a secure economy while preserving the environment for generations to come.

The results of the study indicate there is strong support for gas, oil, renewables, and coal in that order.  The public perceives that Wyoming’s energy portfolio will need to evolve and that Wyoming needs to prepare for that change.

One survey participant quotes “Wyoming’s economy has historically been greatly impacted by energy. It should continue to grow, but also reduce impact to our environment, wildlife, and people. Wyoming has an opportunity to develop and market new technologies to advance current energy sources and research, and then implement new sources. We should use our university and any other ‘think tanks’ to be creative in our approach to our energy future, and then other states and nations may follow.”

The full report can be accessed on the Ruckelshaus Institute’s website: uwyo.edu/haub/ruckelshaus-institute or here.