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Carbon Capture and Wyoming's Economic Benefit

Wyoming has the opportunity to create thousands of jobs through the deployment of carbon capture at 10 industrial and power facilities while capturing tens of millions of metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.  Wyoming’s fact sheet can be found here.

A new state-level analysis shows that retrofitting Wyoming’s existing facilities with carbon capture and deploying carbon dioxide (CO2) transport infrastructure can deliver jobs and economic benefits while reducing emissions across industries.

The Great Plains Institute recently commissioned Rhodium Group to conduct an independent, state-by-state analysis exploring the economic benefits of carbon capture deployment opportunities in the US. GPI identified the facilities examined in this analysis as carbon capture retrofit projects with near- to medium-term feasibility.

Key takeaways:

  • There are significant state-level economic opportunities and emissions reduction potential for carbon capture deployment on existing industrial and electric power facilities in the Phase I region.
  • Carbon capture can help states play to their existing and unique strengths on their paths to decarbonization.
  • Carbon capture is an “off-the-shelf” technology that can be applied across key sectors to achieve a net-zero carbon economy while preserving and creating high-wage jobs.

Click here to view a recording of a recent webinar with Rhodium Group featuring the details of the jobs and economic impact analysis.