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Wyoming is an Energy Leader

Wyoming was the first state to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to join a multi-state effort committed to establishing and implementing a regional CO2 transportation infrastructure plan to enable large-scale carbon management. 

Other states have since signed the MOU including Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania with Montana as the latest addition.

By signing the MOU, the signatory states recognize that development of regional and national CO2 transport networks is a catalyst to raise awareness of carbon capture and related opportunities associated with development of regional CO2 transport infrastructure.  A multi-state CO2 transportation network, combined with financial incentives for carbon capture from industrial facilities and power plants holds the promise of supporting long-term production, continued use of affordable natural resources, preservation of high-paying jobs in energy-producing, agricultural, and industrial states while concurrently reducing net carbon emissions.

The CO2 transport infrastructure is the foundation for carbon capture investment and innovation because it connects CO2 sources with beneficial CO2 use locations and storage.  The signatory states will implement an action plan for the build-out of regional CO2 transport infrastructure and help identify recommendations, solutions and strategies to CO2 transport challenges and barriers.  The action plan will be completed by October 1, 2021.

“Wyoming is a leader in energy production and investment in clean energy industries. This initiative helps to advance that effort while preserving jobs and actioning efforts substantiating Wyoming’s broad commitment. We are pleased to be part of this initiate and are humbled to be a leader in this space as well as the initial signatory to this effort.” Dr. Steven Carpenter, Director, Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute.

The State of Wyoming is a leader in advancing solutions for carbon management with the proposal of the Wyoming Pipeline Corridor Initiative (WPCI).  WPCI proposes the development of a CO2 transportation infrastructure network designed to connect anthropogenic and natural CO2 sources to existing oil fields suitable for enhanced oil recovery.  Wyoming also participates in the State Carbon Capture Work Group, Regional Carbon Capture Deployment Initiative, and the Governors’ Partnership on Carbon Capture.  Carbon capture technology enjoys bipartisan federal legislation to support the financial risks of investing in carbon capture technology.