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BLM proposes streamlined regulations

The Trump administration moves to relax regulations and allow operators to more efficiently and accurately handle and measure the commodities they produce in an effort to spur domestic energy development.

The Bureau of Land Management plans to amend regulatory requirements for oil and gas operators working on federal and tribal lands in an effort to streamline regulations “to ensure that our oversight of energy production on America’s public lands is consistent and fair,” stated Kate MacGregor, Deputy Secretary of the Interior.

The Petroleum Association of Wyoming (PAW) supports the agency’s announcement to streamline oversight and reporting.  "Industry is committed to its responsibility to accurately report production and pay millions of dollars in royalties to the federal government to fund education, infrastructure and other government services. Today's announcement will modernize the reporting process — making it more accurate while reducing unnecessarily burdensome requirements,” stated Ryan McConnaughey, PAW’s communications director.  The article states that about half of federal royalties paid flow back to the state of Wyoming.

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