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EORI's Expertise Applauded

The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute (EORI) was recognized as having the expertise to advance new technologies and seek new energy market opportunities during a downturn. 

The University of Wyoming’s School of Energy Resources (SER) Executive Director, Dr. Holly Krutka wrote an op-ed article in the Casper Star Tribune published on April 11, 2020. In the opinion piece entitled Krutka: Doubling down on energy innovation in a downturn, Dr. Krutka heralds Wyoming’s focus on innovation and technology advancements made possible through historic investments in research to help Wyoming stakeholders weather a downturn.

Dr. Krutka stresses the importance of innovation and investment through research and partnerships to benefit Wyoming’s energy sector.  She says the School of Energy Resources is seeking opportunities and partnerships to stem the decline of the energy sector and includes investments in new products created from coal and new power plants that could reduce emission to near zero.  Dr. Holly Krutka mentions research by Professor Mohammad Piri with the Center for Innovation on Flow through Porous Media, focuses on improving maximum recovery from unconventional and conventional oil and gas reservoirs.  Expertise in researching new and potential revenue streams as well as increasing production for existing projects, Dr. Kruta mentions the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute’s expertise “could allow continued knowledge advancement even in a downturn.”

The Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute’s expertise is focused on benefiting Wyoming’s oil industry stakeholders through researching innovative solutions to problems that affect Wyoming’s energy industry in a safe and responsible manner during times of prosperity or a downturn. 

To read the entire article in the Casper Star Tribune by Dr. Holly Krutka click here.